ABENO HARUKAS Escalator Hall

Abeno Harukas is Japan’s tallest skyscraper complex in Osaka, Japan. We created an installation space that immerses visitors in light and ambient sound in the escalator area between the restaurant floor on the 14F and the museum floor on the 16F in Harukas as a permanent exhibition. The gradation of light and sound greets visitors with variation depending on time and seasons. The changing light responds to the sound. Real-time text messages appear on the screen. The motion graphics include the spectacle of Abeno area, where Harukas is centrally based with different angles. The digital media space embodies the concept of Harukas, ‘the solid city presenting the future’ uniting light, sound and motion graphics. We developed the permanent exhibition system with different pieces of software connected on a network, which allows both daily and seasonal changes.


Director, Interaction Designer: Takashi Aoki
Technical Director, Sound Software Development: Yasuo Kaneda
Developers: Keisuke Yamamoto, Shinobu Tanno, Kuninori Fujii
Producer: Yasuo Kaneda, Kei Okazaki (RaNa Design)
Additional Development: Masahide Yoshida
Planning: RANAGRAM
Sound Design: Tatsuya Yamada (ttymd.com)
Lighting Consultant: STYLE MA’TEC.,Ltd
Production: Infix Design inc.

Kintetsu Department Store Co., Ltd.