Shugo Tokumaru's BRICOLAGE MUSIC

On the release of Shugo Tokumaru’s new album – his own unique songs are internationally acclaimed the world over RANAGRAM has released BRICOLAGE MUSIC, the composing platform that allows users to participate in his new song making, for iPhone App and the desktop website. Users can post recorded files using the iPhone app and uploading audio files on the desktop website. A posted audio file is trimmed in a metre (approx. 0.5 second) through our automated analysis system. Each posted audio has its own charming animation on the website. Some audio files will be used in the new album of Shugo Tokumaru. We will be organising our recording workshop using the platform at Ikejiri Institute of Design in Tokyo.


  • Director: Naoki Sekiguchi
  • Art Director: Yuri Yoshikawa (RaNa Design)
  • Software Developer: Masahide Yoshida
  • Front-end Engineer: Naoki Sekiguchi
  • Designer: Nozomi Shirai
  • Supervisor: Takashi Aoki

  • Concept & Planning: TONOFON, RANAGRAM