LUX 25th Anniversary “Bloom to Shine”

At Omotesando Hills, the brand of haircare “LUX” organised a participatory event, “Bloom to Shine” to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release in Japan. We created an interactive installation for the event by making four booths with 66 MicroTiles and LED lights. A Kinect sensor detected a figure of a visitor at each booth and then hi-res 3D motion graphics of stylised plants and jewellery were generated on the background. Visitors were able to see different visuals interactively changing and growing according to their movement and their own image together on the one-way mirror. Images of visitors and backgrounds were automatically filmed by cameras installed at booths, and uploaded to the official website as motion images. RANAGRAM developed the custom software that generated real-time animated visuals and controlled LED lighting, and the remote system that controlled all four booths in sync.



  • Mechanics, Electronics Management: Yasuo Kaneda
  • Director of Software Development: Takashi Aoki
  • Lead Software Development: Masahide Yoshida, Gerard Rallo