An online catalogue for BEAMS JAPAN, Autumn & Winter 2012 collection. We designed this website not only as a re-edited version of the printed catalogue but optimised the interface specifically for the online version. The global menu is an opening-and-closing type, and displays contents in consideration of window size, and scroll position. The badge style icon of the labels rotates according to the rhythm of a clock on the top page.


  • Art Director: Jurie Nanbu (RaNa Design)
  • Designer: RaNa Design (Jurie Nanbu, Masayo Kondo, Keisuke Yotsumoto)
  • Front-end Engineer: Keisuke Yamamoto, Yuuji Fujimoto
  • Project Manager: Muto Masataka (RaNa Design)
  • Producer: Tsuyoshi Sato (RaNa Design)
  • Editor: Rhino Inc.
  • Production: Cosmo Communications Inc.